Oh, you thought we were done with alt-idol tragedies for today? Nope, two for one, everyone! HAMIDASYSTEM are done too!

Disbanding just over a week before Younapi jumps too, double ouch.

There is a silver lining behind this in that Me and She aren’t going away entirely; they’ll still be part of the agency and will be forming a successor group with sayshine, their sound producer, much like how the original HAMIDASYSTEM later formed CROSSNOESIS. So, it’s not like we’ll be seeing the backs of Me and She for a while yet, rather, we’ll be saying goodbye to the HAMIDASYSTEM name, and their producer, who will be retiring after this final show.

Still, so much drama in just one day. I need a lie down.

I just realised I made an almost identical title pun when Me-formerly-Popopo’s other group set itself on fire too. Girl just brings the “amirites” right out of me, doesn’t she?