avandoned: Ending Is Beginning.

When you’ve become fully ingrained into idol fandom, there’s certain inveitable events that you learn to anticipate and mentally prepare for, such as when a twitter account belonging to a group you love posts an image containing a stark few blocks of text. Yeah, you know the type of post I mean…

This is idol, and this is the world we’ve put ourselves into, but it’s a little different when it’s a group that’s particularly dear to you. It’s more personal, more emotional, it’s something you feel inside your stomach. It’s understandable and okay. 

avandoned has been around in some form since 2014, which for chika idols, is absolutely amazing. Beni has been in the group from the very beginning, which is even more absolutely amazing. Certainly it was understood by everyone that someday the group would end, but from everything I’m seeing, nobody within the group wanted it to happen at this moment and they’re all quite disappointed. Beni only stated that she’ll talk about it after she’s “calmed down”. The other members also posted of their emotional feelings and tears shed, although in true idol spirit, also spoke of how they’ll look forward to whatever futures they may find.

Fan speculation (which is not official of course) seems to indicate the most obvious and simple reason for disbandment, their management isn’t finding them financially viable. (I’ll update if it turns out this is incorrect.) Anybody who follows chika idols will know this business model isn’t exactly a windfall of cash, as idol producer Sokichi Osada explained vividly in his essay series “The Idol Suicides”.

avandoned has, for the last few years, sat in a very unique position: They are led, produced, creatively driven and nurtured by Beni, but ultimately still have a management agency (xidea) that conducts their business. (I’m also fairly certain that the name “avandoned” belongs to the company.) I get a definite sense that the group members didn’t want the plug pulled, and that’s what really makes this all a bit disheartening.

As I said, this one’s a bit personal for me. Anybody who reads what I write and tweet somewhat regularly knows how dearly I adore this group and everything they represent. avandoned are everything about what makes chika idol so exciting. Hard grassroots work, self-determination, creative spirit, and also they’ve made some of the absolute best music on the scene, and not just within the idol genre. I’ll be writing a more comprehensive retrospective of their career in the month the come.

As the group has stated on their social media accounts, there’s still a fair bit of uncertainty regarding what any of them do just yet. They’re all young ladies with their own individual dreams, and I have no doubt they’ll succeed wonderfully in pursuit of them. And I’m certain Beni will remain as active as ever. Of course she still has APOKALIPPPS, and her own non-idol musical ventures with CHILDISH TONES that have proven to be wildly popular. Whenever these events happen, I try not to focus on loss, but to look ahead excitedly to what’s to come, and I see bright futures for all of the members of avandoned. Wherever we are, let’s wish them very best in any way we can!