Current Mood: uijin

While I’d love to be showing you guys a bunch of the cool stuff that’s in the queue right now, I’m taking advantage of the long weekend, wherein we ostensibly honor a leader in a long battle for equality and togetherness, but really mostly swear at the news because none of the things that said leader hoped and worked for ever actually came to pass! Like, everybody does it! We’re really unhappy people right now, we Americans are.

I’m feeling pretty good right this moment myself, though, and I was more than pleased to see that this MV from uijin settled so nicely into that placid groove:

My groove, not uijin’s; you know what I mean

I do so love these MVs that are simple productions of live stage, backstage and occasional throw-in video. Why dress it up? I have no idea what “door” is about, and there’s a good chance that it means nothing like “we love ourselves and our friends and are one big idol family that also loves the wota who are also part of the family,” but tell me that you don’t want to go around hugging everybody after this.

Actually, don’t tell me that. Tell me that you went on a (consensual) hugging rampage. Possibly while handing out uijin CDs!

As it’s only appropriate to do a check-in while checking in:

See? Don’t worry, be party. I’m making that my life goal for 2018.