You Guys Asked for It: We’re Doing Team Syachihoko Now

I can say with all honesty that, the periodic requests to include Momoiro Clover Z on here notwithstanding, I never expected to be doing much of anything with the Stardust idols. Then Batten Show Jo Tai happened, and then Chris and TUFKAT both pinged me with this video yesterday, and okay, fine, let’s do one of the main Stardust groups, Team Syachihoko:

Team Syachihoko’s kind of interesting in that they’ve been together for forever in idol terms, having begun in junior high school and made it all the way to their current university ages. And, in considering that Momoclo had a similar story and aren’t that much older, and that’s how people have been talking about Ebichu since the tragic news earlier this week, I think this continuity business is kind of a thing with Stardust. Ten years from now, we’ll be telling the same story about Batten Show Jo Tai!

And why would idols employing rock sounds not wind up here, Maniac? Because they’re just as likely to be:

And yeah, okay, so Q’ulle’s got some pretty tame stuff, I understand what you’re saying, but I’m just saying that there’s a difference between “we are rock idols” and “we are idols who can do a rock song.” Remember that Nick Jonas guitar solo? Yeah.

This song’s pretty legit, though:

Anyway, let this be a lesson to us all: I am easily influenced by the whims and wishes of others, especially when it comes to idols and especially when it comes to idols and guitar music.

3 thoughts on “You Guys Asked for It: We’re Doing Team Syachihoko Now

  1. Whoa, Syachi finally made it! Probably the first and the last time I read about them here…
    And dude, J.A.N.A.I.C.A. is one of my favorite songs, thanks for including it lol

    Even though they’re not your cup of tea, you have to admit that this performance here is pretty cool:

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