You Are Hereby Invited to Love Shihatsu-machi Underground in Total

I’ve been trying to tell you guys for a little while now that the time to get on the Shihatsu-machi Underground (as they apparently prefer to have it written!) train is immediate. Get in while the getting’s good. This is a group that has the chops to absolutely blow up if given the chance and be a big emergent force from the Shibuya scene. All they need is us! Well, and thousands of other fans, but you get the idea! So maybe the brandy-new MV (that’s right!) from their soon-to-come album (oh yes!) is exactly what you need to be convinced:

Lord, this is so good. Shihatsu-machi’s always been this like implacably cool force of energy — in a lot of ways, they’re the big inheritors of the original Bellring Girls Heart aesthetic (as opposed to TTTS), or Hauptharmonie’s more blues-oriented trends, or even a less ironic Melon Batake a go go. Like I pointed out in the their last teaser, even, this is a song that could be played in a modern Western pop rock context right now, full stop, and nobody would bat an eye except at the fact that nobody can understand the lyrics and it isn’t novel enough to warrant “wacky foreign” attention. And at the same time, you could drop this into the lap of a few different decades’ big musical movements and find people willing to accept it.

The album’s out in just a few days. It’s going to be absolutely, inconsequentially magical. They’re going to make good on this irrationally exuberant statement of mine. I haven’t loved a group’s music this much since Yanakoto Sotto Mute. I’m ready to love again.

And if you agree that this is great, oh look, Shihatsu-machi’s locked in a battle with NECRONOMIDOL for Corenament glory!