If This Is What We’re Getting from the New Shihatsumachi Underground Album, I– *passes out*

Man, you guys, we’re not off to the most rip-roaring start to 2019, but I’ll be darned if there aren’t some really great releases coming together already. That Zenkimi single? Have mercy. And now to follow up on an item that started as a Weekender throwaway just a couple of weeks ago, then grew into something that arguably should have become a full-blown post but OH HERE WE ARE, Shihatsumachi Underground, the announcement about whom included that they’re going to drop an album, are now in the process of fully teasing out said album, and here’s a chunk of a track that’s currently looping because I am a weakling in the face of it:

What a song. What. A. Song. Even in a short version, I’m in some random upstairs hookup bar on a Saturday night (maybe the one I was in a few weeks ago!) while random local band that wants to be the Killers after random local band that wants to be the Killers passes anonymously from stage to floor and back again, the kind of monotony that only visits local rock scenes as moribund as this one in an era when rock is all but dead anyway … until, there they are. The sound is somewhere between shoegaze and post-rock and alt-pop hooks and what– am I enjoying myself? Yep, I’m dancing. I’m doing that thing where I watch the bassist too closely and eventually get looked at back like I’m now under suspicion for stalking charges. THAT, friends, is the journey that this half-a-song took me on. I need the rest of this album, immediately, preferably via transdermal applique.

In the aforementioned Weekender, I said that we all need to pay more attention to Shihatsumachi Underground (which is something that I think I say about them every time I bring them up, as they are good and cool in ways that even other good and cool idols aren’t so good and cool). Here’s what I hope is all the proof you need.

And in the event that you missed that Weekender bit, here’s the trailer kind of thing: