Yet Another Friday Fun of Wild Speculation and Sure-fire Disappointment

As predicted, last week’s Friday Fun backfired horribly!

You know what else will probably backfire in horrible ways? This week’s upcoming WACK audition!

Yes, the annual week of salt, tears and Watanabe not learning a single damn thing, it’s that time again! I’m not even sure I’m going to follow it this year! I’ve had enough of watching the auditions only for all of my favourites to get cheated out of debut in horrible, horrible ways, leaving me a bitter old crow for weeks afterward! Doesn’t mean I’m not going to set unrealistic expectations though! And you should too!

Yup, this week’s hashtag is an oldie but a goodie (at least, I’m pretty sure this already happened once), #WACKAuditionPredictions! Have fun crying slaves, I’m out!