New Yanakoto Sotto Mute Is Proof That We Deserve Nice Things

Happy Sunday, friendly folks. Not quite a week ago, I was more than pleased to bring you notice that the perfect idol project that is Yanakoto Sotto Mute had brought out a new song at their birthday party over the weekend. Additionally true, though, is that they had a second new song, “No Regret”, in their quiver:

Thanks, Terry!

The new single will be good, because of course it will be. That Yanamyu will continue to transcend every idea and limit around idol, that is true. And that no amount of human goodness and decency can possibly warrant the addition of YSM into our lives is practically gospel, meaning that only the benevolence of a greater power brought them together and gave us something so superlative.

Sorry, kind of got lost in thought there. Regardless: If you can give me an example of a group — any group — that elevates standards in sound and performance to the same level that Yanakoto Sotto Mute does, I’ll buy you a Coke.

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