Come Feast on Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s ‘Any’ MV

Why the heck do things that I should see coming a mile away surprise me? Even since the STAMP EP was announced, it was basically only a matter of time before Yanakoto Sotto Mute put out the video promoting it. And, like, if you listened to the preview on iTunes, it was practically guaranteed that it’d be for “Any,” because it’s this bizarrely upbeat song that sounds like a love letter to the greatest generation of human artistic achievement (since 1980 at least) ((and in the United States for the most part)), and yeah, I could hear it on the radio.

Anyway, have a look:

The most 90s thing you’ve heard today, or the most 90s thing you’ve heard every day?

They’re so good. I don’t deserve them. You don’t deserve them, Person Who Doesn’t Understand Maniac’s Fascination with Them. Nadeshiko is a gift, true, but Mani shines just as brightly on this one. PERHAPS THIS WILL INFLUENCE QUEE– naw. Like, I don’t think it’s Of The Year competition anywhere, but it’s just a nice encapsulation of all of the things that make YSM such a damn compelling project.

Can I admit something? While I’m glad to see that the members are in fact human beings and not just melancholic automatons, it’s so weird to see them smiling and joyful and stuff. I guess that’ll happen when you step away from a motif of living the very act of drowning and go play around in a nice, dry place for a while.

3 thoughts on “Come Feast on Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s ‘Any’ MV

  1. While Dave Grohl was laid up with a broken leg last year did he moonlight as a song writer for Yanakoto. The more stuff of theirs I hear the more I keep thinking they’re the idol Foo Fighters, and deserve to be as big.
    I could see them headlining Glasto (in my dreams anyway).

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