This New QUEENS Stuff Is More Fun Than Anything Else You’ll Do Today

And in continuing the quick recent trend of things being announced and/or released on the final day of the Heisei Era, we have QUEENS, who are lots of fun anyway but capable of turning that all the way up to 12 just to spite your grumpiness you big, grumpy bear, who announced at their one-man the release of their first full album for June by dropping an MV that I just very loudly said on Twitter that I’d anticipated, which turned out to be for the wrong reasons by bear with me!

First, the MV that I urge you to take Dramamine before viewing:

Jeez, that’s one hell of a commitment to a concept. I have both vertigo and an undeniable urge to dance! But damn, that song absolutely rips. The whole P-whatever family always has baseline-very-good music backing them, and this is a standout even among that whole family of groups. There’s some easily recognizable idorock moves in here, like you’d expect, plus some cool punk notes underneath that I swear gave me early Zekkyou vibes. Love.

Now, the whole reason that I expected the arrival of this:

Which, okay, correction — I expected some kind of announcement to follow up the Soundcloud release of a song, otherwise without context except I guess to promote the one-man because it happened a week ago (music and lyrics by NANAMI and choreo by MANO!). I thought maybe this would be what got MVed. I did not expect an album! But I can only assume that the song will, like “Dis;tortion”, be on the RXX album.

Good on you, QUEENS!