Your Homicidols Weekender #133

Good morning! Good golly, what a week that was. If I’d had even the tiniest bit more time, a lot of what follows would have been standalone posts blogged out on their own, but instead ha HA we get a really solid Weekender!

Speaking of time, there’s one more thing (you can probably guess) that I want to do, and then, well, I hope you also have much better things to do with your summertime (it’s June!) Saturday than goof around online, so play the Fun (it’s very fun) and then get out and enjoy this stuff, people!

That Was Abrupt

This is how RHYMEBERRY says goodbye:

You already love them, but now love them with an updated look and the name KAQRIYOTERROR:

You may have heard that Babymetal will be playing some big famous thing:

Fresh demo from melt music:

So KING RAGE has been through a few twists and turns lately, and I guess losing a member means a soft image reboot. Quite the history for the former Checkmate!

Sharing this cute xoxo EXTREME tweet because I was thinking about them the other day:

Look, did I want to blog a post about the new Honey Emperor MV? I did. Did I actually have anything useful to say? I did not. Would I have felt differently about it if it had come from a group that I can take even remotely seriously? Probably.

Our girl YONEKO has excellent English skills:


GuGu LU-LU were out to support NILKLY the other day:

I recommend the various little spots put out by Broken By The Scream from their visit to Taiwan:

Ah, the fearless leader of Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders:

Here’s Bury performing on the beach:

Who the hell put so much idol in my cana÷biss?

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is STARMARIE, who are recipients of the lamest Idol in Focus ever just because I want to give them a little bit more credit than a throwaway post. But! I highly recommend picking up this new album:

You may also wish to be at their one-man!

Bonus Mini Idol in Focus

Did you see that some enterprising fan spliced together all four of the You’ll Melt More! playthrough videos for that song clip that all the cool kids are buzzing about?

More to the point, they’re looking for extras for an MV that may or may not be for the song!

This Screaming Sixties spot looks cool:

A very literally named new single from Not Secured, Loose Ends:

It’s well over a week late at this point, but I forgot to share the NEO BREAK album trailer, so here you go:

The video’s region-blocked, but here are details and a live clip from the new PEDRO release:

Including this bit from SPARK SPEAKER mostly because I wanted to include them:

Remember when the mistress was momentarily hot as hell and seemed like a guaranteed chika success story? They once again no longer exist, though mistfes will go on:

CRY SIS was dissolved the other day, and their official Twitter had just the saddest exit, which I definitely recommend that you check out:

I completely missed this LADYBABY live last week:

Candye Syrup loses an old friend:

New single details from Ishido Natsumi:

I’m predicting really good things from the new NECRONOMIDOL record:

And in related news, it’s good to see that Ricky still has his teeth collection:

Have a great weekend!