Can We Please Stop for a Second and Appreciate HAMIDASYSTEM?

Man, you guys, I don’t always like being late to a party, but I really hope that you either haven’t seen HAMIDASYSTEM’s new MV yet, or that you’ll humor me for a second because this is legitimately something else.

If you recall, we’ve dealt with the group a few times in the past — some fun punk-meets-electronica will always get my attention — and they’ve been suspiciously on the fringes for basically the last year, from their debut on. But now, with the pending release of their first single (next week!), I have to think that they might be on the cusp of something way bigger:

The song is “SEMINOKOE” in case you were wondering

HAMIDASYSTEM is good, but this “DERO” single might be the best thing they’ve done yet (they’re probably hoping so, you know?). It fits right into what Brian was saying last week about the rise of art-idols, part and parcel with and also beyond alt-idols.

You can, honestly, stretch that out a little bit, too. For instance, what would you consider amiinA? And then where would you put not necessarily everything that HAMIDASYSTEM has ever done, but at least this track? Should we play Yacht or Nyacht with the more deliberately statement-sensitive music, or the work that lingers and savors its own conceits?* And then where does put the frame around what constitutes art vs. not-art?

I’m talking myself in circles for no good reason. This is good HAMIDASYSTEM, and it’s HAMIDASYSTEM that sounds like it fits in to an emerging trend, and I’m glad for it because I like that trend and I like HAMIDASYSTEM and it’s Sunday and therefore perfect for music like this.

*The game will be called Art or Fart; you’re welcome