It’s DISDOL’s Old-to-new Swan Song

YouTube has a new trick, apparently, where they just group a bunch of stuff into a playlist for you if it’s from what you follow. I look at the Zenkimi thing? I get DISDOL too! Plus a bunch of stuff that I don’t understand!

But we’re here for DISDOL. When we last left our heroes, they were on the verge of breaking up (happening in just over a week now, damn) and being replaced by newer, younger members who’ll front a band and be a little less idol but probably a little more DISDOL, if you know what I mean. Sad! But at least the originals get to go out with an actual MV to hang their hats on:

And with the newbs in support?

I’m a little surprised that DISDOL / Bell Agency / whoever didn’t want to go in a more classically hair-and-leather-and-beer-and-idols sound for their last go-around for the mostly original members heading out the door, but they already had “Brain Revolution”* in the quiver and it probably cost, like, $25 and a promise to return the camera guy’s anime DVDs to film this, and that’s enough to break most idols’ budgets. And you got a new project to launch and promote next week!

I am kind of curious as to what DISDOL 2.0 will bring us; if it’s anything like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE we should all be terrified.

*Previously translated as “Revolution in the Brain”; I however prefer Google’s rendering it as “intracerebral revolution”, which sounds way more Rage Against the Machine