50 YMM MVs Day 46: Revolution

Hey Rudies, etcetera!  Today You’ll Melt More! embark on an ambitious campaign of nothing less than global insurrection, aiming to bring down the world’s governments and replace them with, er, ska I guess?  It’s the MV for WOW WOW WAR ~Ska-Champon Sing-Along Front~.

We open with the foursome decked in camouflage colours, sat around a globe and having a discussion.  A discussion that I, as an ignorant monoglot gaijin cannot follow but it seem they are discussing where in the world they should start their ska uprising.  Kechon throws a dart at the globe and, gosh that’s convenient, hits Tokyo dead centre.

So off they go to storm the National Diet Building?  No, there’s only four of them after all; Kechon’s got the only gun, Chiffon could only muster a pair of boxing gloves, Ano has an inspirational flag to wave around and Younapi – well she’s carrying the globe.  Presumably so they don’t get lost.

“Now let’s see…we are here…”

“Yes. this is the building!”

Instead they storm a small concert venue and threaten, inspire and charm the musicians, choristers and audience within to join the ska-volution.

The seeds of insurgency planted, the group retire to their war room to plan the next invasion.  And that, comrades, is the story of how we came to be ruled by the Glorious Tetrarchy and their benveolent ska regime.  Long Live the Revolution!