We’re Just a Month from the First Kaqriyo Terror Architect Release

Good morning! Your friendly neighborhood Maniac is very much involved in Maniac Mansion for the time being, but I am still paying attention and able to fulfill my official duties as Guy With A Website About Idols And Loud Music. For instance: Read the title of the post! Kaqriyo Terror Architect is releasing their first single on Oct. 4:

It’s a double A-side, bless their hearts, with the excellent “Kagome Kagome” and something called “Hybrid TABOO,” which immediately makes me think of Metallica’s “The Thing That Should Not Be,” and can somebody please explain that lyric to me? I always thought it was messed up.

Here’s the twitcast wherein the single release was presumably discussed:

The new third member seems to remain both nameless and Twitterless, which in the world of idol basically means that she doesn’t actually exist.

2 thoughts on “We’re Just a Month from the First Kaqriyo Terror Architect Release

  1. Not sure if you’re serious about “The Thing That Should Not Be”, but I think it’s just a Lovecraft thing. Lyrical the whole song just sounds like Cthulhu and since Metallica already had a song called Call of Ktulu on Ride the Lightning they pulled a lyric from the song for title rather than calling it Call of Ktulu/Cthulhu part 2.

    Is Codomomental now the clear number #2 management company in the Alt/Anti-Idol community behind only Wack and does that mean we should expect a ZenKimi commercial for FamilyMart onigiri in the very near future?

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