This Is Intensely Weird and Cool

While the world of idol isn’t producing a ton of exciting material right now, idol does in fact go on, and old/new-new/old favorites are in fact doing great things even if that doesn’t mean “releasing video” and “other new, exciting stuff.”

Take for example old personal favorites There There Theres, formerly Bellring Girls Heart, who’ve been less prolific than normal since coming their death and rebirth in the winter, but who remain the standard bearers of the AQBI REC family and one of my favorite things in idol for casual listening that unintendedly turns into deep emotion sessions. Great work!

TTTs had a crossover show with their sister unit MIGMA SHELTER the other day, thereby reuniting ReRe and Kai with old pal Kanra, now YONEKO; in honor of great things, here’s the whole show:

So much of both group is always available in the Facebook group


What a moment:

I’m genuinely hoping for new and good things out of TTTs over the rest of the year. BRGH was so legendary, but I don’t want their legacy project to be just a shadow of the original.

*”But Maniac, why don’t you do anything ever with MIGMA SHELTER?” you ask. Because it’s not my bag, baby! I can appreciate, and occasionally Weekender, but I do have a mission statement, after all, and they don’t really fit it.

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