Well, Now We Know How Broken By The Scream Plays Live

The other day, back when the moon was in a totally different phase and when I could still be participatory in that whole let’s-talk-about-idols thing, I saw somebody throw a little shade in the direction of Broken By The Scream. Contextually, it was kind of fair! Unlike a lot of idols, BBTS doesn’t share a ton of their live performances, and they aren’t release machines — basically, you’re either the kind of idol fan who really follows newbies closely, or you love SHOWROOM, or you’re besties with Pure Idol Heart, and that’s how you follow BBTS.

But hey, look, a fresh video snip!

Io remains an iron-throated gift to our world

It’s a good clip, sure, but what I’m taking away from this is: BBTS has been recording their lives, and has plural tracks cut and produced, and maybe they’ll be able to give us more than just this exquisite masterpiece of pain sometime soon.