100 Days of Tsurezure, Days 64-67: Horrorshow

Man, maybe the worst thing about being out of commission for that little while was having to miss out on doing the 100 Days. Where have Tsuyame’s cats been? Is Komachi really on a different plane of existence from the rest of us? IS COCOCO STILL TRULY HUMAN?!

Fortunately, I got to step out of that annoying swirl of doubt and directly into a world where Not Secured, Loose Ends has painted the upcoming “Loud Asymmetry” in a deliciously terrifying light*:

Track list!

Mon dieu! The members all got art updates along with that.

Whether that’s good? I’m not judging.

What all else has even been going on? Other than the new Codomomental project, that is, the one with Nayuta that has me just bursting inside? Well, Cococo was on the radio again:

I don’t know if I could really sit next to Yotsu for very long

Shidare was like “you should watch our live videos, you guys”:

Komachi did a thing where she was like that dude who I went to high school with, and wrote out entire thoughts in romaji, but without capitalization or spelling or anything. It’s actually kind of epic, culminating here:

Tsuyame, rarely for her, really didn’t do much of the last couple of days, but she’s currently super stoked about the skull mic:

Cococo has actually been real-people busy on Twitter; in addition to being the voice of the track list and also doing that Radio Codomomental appearance, she posted multiple photos of herself in a tyrannosaurus T-shirt, which is suddenly leaving me like I finally have something to talk to her about:

*It also explains the nudity from that photo shoot, though how the image that led to the attached banner came to be, that I’m completely unsure of.

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