Welcome to the Party, Broken by the Scream

Oh. Hell. Yes.

We’ve gotten little teasers about this music and video shoot, and Broken by the Scream just dropped the full article:

I’m always saying, if there’s one thing that the world needs, it’s more digital hardcore. It doesn’t matter if it’s PassCode’s death-on-the-dance-floor version or Desu.Rabbits’ “Tokyo death pop” or BiS and “STUPiG,” magical things happen when you put together those beats and violent guitar sounds and mix it all up like you mean it with idol vocals (that hook could happen at DEARSTAGE and nobody’d bat an eye). They even threw in a random jazzy transition before the guitar solo!

What I really want to know is, BBTS, who’s doing your screaming live? Because I know someone who got really good at it without formal training (apparently), and you should call her up and ask for tips.

UPDATE: My dude provides:

Also, Io can English pretty well

The year’s first week just ended pretty well, didn’t it?

Another update: My brother pointed directly to this:

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Party, Broken by the Scream

  1. Someone on facebook said it’s Io doing the screams, apparently she cites Yuna as an inspiration. It’s very multitracked though, for all I know it’s a couple of them doing it together.

  2. I think you are playing fast and loose with the good name of Digital Hardcore! 😉 The only one i would call Digital Hardcore out of those you listed is STUPiG(as is most things Takeshi Ueda …).

    Now if you excuse me i am going to fall into a YouTube hole searching for obscure Digital Hardcore. 🙂 …or maybe i will just listen to Psybou Kanojo…

      • I am just giving you a hard time! 😉

        Related to what you were saying; it is kind of a nightmare to search for Digital Hardcore music…
        Not only are there 2 (sub)genres called just Hardcore(the electronic music Hardcore and the punkrock Hardcore), they both also have musically enough in common with Digital Hardcore that you can’t be 100% sure in the first seconds of a song if it is a Hardcore song, a Hardcore song or a Digital Hardcore song, you actually have to listen at least a little bit.
        On top of that i like both Hardcore and Hardcore so it is easy for me to get sidetracked by good Hardcore or good Hardcore when searching for Digital Hardcore…


        P.S. Hardcore.

  3. I guess I’m spoiled with the current alt-idol climate that find it hard to pass solid judgment as long as there’s no live performance footage. Main reason I’m still not on the Neve Slide Down train.

    Though this was never the case with bands with me, pre-idol fascination.

  4. Io provided the info in her tweet:

    ヤエ / クリーン(YAE / Crean Vo.)
    アヤメ / クリーン(AYAME / Crean Vo.)
    スミレ / シャウト(SUMIRE / Screech)
    イオ / デスボイス(IO / Growl)

    ~サビ~ みんな

    The misspelling of Clean amused me. LOL

    I agree, it’s a good song.

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