Well, BLACK NAZARENE Is Off to a Good Start

True story: This was the first post that I called “We Are All Incredibly Easy Marks” because I couldn’t believe how very little idol could get people (including yours truly) so excited. I decided to wait to see how it turned out. How the tables have turned now that there’s meat on the bone!

Much like with XTEEN, the arrival of BLACK NAZARENE (Instagram!) to the wotaing world was met with some nice buzz. There was even a teaser! However, also like with XTEEN (and other than the note described above), I wanted to see something pan out before jumping to too many conclusions. Name? Cool. Description? “THUG + kawaii.” Interest piqued, so what does having a name like a Swedish blackened death metal band and a self-brand that some might more align with, like, RHYMEBERRY or something, ultimately give us?

The teaser, for one thing

This is good.

This is good. I feel your evil.


2018.4.12.. 単独LIVE「洗礼vol.1」 first light

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Okay, so another new group with the early material to be legitimately noteworthy. I can dig it!

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  1. i’m very interested in them as well. has a release date for some music been revealed? the live shots look great as well

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