Fresh Faces and Astral Projection in the New GANG PARADE Single

I had the slightest twinge of guilt at seeing this new thing come across the copy desk here at — did I even know there was a new GANG PARADE single? I did! — but I am more than happy to share the “GANG 2” MV:

I want to know who tried to banish Saki to the temporal world, only to learn that her Ganpare spirit was strong enough to at least finish up her dance number.

You may notice a couple of insertion points for the new GANG PARADE members (right up there with putting the SiS crew into important positions for “Plastic 2 Mercy”), and you can very helpfully also follow them:

May I personally note that I loved that incredibly strange road trip that GANG PARADE — the most aurally and aesthetically artistic brand in WACK — went on, and yet I’m perfectly okay with this ongoing soft landing back in a world that at least old Pla2me fans may recognize.

I’m also going to guess that, with the group needlessly up to nine(!), there may be a couple of graduations on the way, and I’d think that the best bets would be Yua and Miki, but what do I really know at all? It could be that Yui’s going to take that single opportunity to go solo.