Your Homicidols Weekender #74

Good morning, friends! Who among you stayed up for the podcast last night? Was it good? Bad? Bland? Hilarious? These are the probing questions of our time. Personally, I had fun! It capped a pretty good week for idol, too, which is something that we should count our blessings for, given that one of those quiet times is right around the corner.

Right now? It’s Saturday, it’s that part of spring that’s still pretty and pleasant, and yours truly is going to go mess around outside. All I have to say is, play the Fun, take that merch survey if you have a minute, and then by all means take advantage of whatever life-giving radiance is available to you this weekend.

There Is No Life

Doom for Cheeky Parade, which came up last night and may be a good thing, business-wise for The World Standard:

The whole Codomomental family is being featured on this free MIX CD:

EMPiRE has been fairly prolific, especially so with interviews!


If you’d been following Insomnia Revolution, they’re now going by de’Barrier:


The updated Bonnou Paradox stuff, finally:

With sick-ass lyrics:

Yanase You has a single on the way:

A bit of 403ERROR rehearsal:

Tell me everything that you know about this:

Your last chance to see this version of GANG PARADE will be this DVD:

The Aya Parade era will be known as a golden one, I think

A TV appearance by Gokigen Teikoku:

Broken By The Scream interview — in Thai!

Here’s DAIDAIDAI at Gyu-no Fes:

You need to get to know Kaishin no Ichigeki better:

Hey, do you know who can get away with releasing lots of live DVDs? You’ll Melt More!

If you have any French, you might appreciate this spot that features NECRONOMIDOL:

I have incredibly mixed feelings about this Wagamama Rakia shirt:

So just enjoy this live digest:

You may have your new BiSH now:

RIOT BABY at the batting cages:

Chiitan really is the best:

Have a great weekend!

Cult dancers in front of your new Broadway front-man on a pale horse …