Mondays Are Stupid, So Here’s JyuJyu at Idol Koushien

I may have failed to get everything together for us to enjoy from last week’s Idol Koushien event, but plenty of other people have delivered. This is one of the stages that I definitely wanted to catch and didn’t: The living curses in JyuJyu:

じゅじゅ / Jyu Jyu「アイドル甲子園2017 in 赤坂BLITZ」Idol… by idolvizion

I feel like an idiot sometimes when it comes to groups like JyuJyu; they’re good, their performance is good, they have some muscle behind them — it’s silly to think that a group that’s in the same range on the bill as the WACK headliners at this thing is in some kind of indie hell. But that’s kind of what I do, and it doesn’t make sense. Like, if I could go back and change it, I’d give them a pretty serious nod for 2017, too, if they can keep the membership stable.

Anyway, happy Monday. Let this bleakness power you.

One thought on “Mondays Are Stupid, So Here’s JyuJyu at Idol Koushien

  1. JyuJyu definitely deserves way more attention than they get right now. Hopefully good things are in the future for them… but maybe they’re just cursed, lol.

    I was surprised, though, that they didn’t do Noroihajime.

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