Guso Drop (and Fans) Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

You may have seen a funny story unfolding on Twitter last night:

Guso Drop (and 2&) was scheduled to perform at 11:00 a.m. as the opener-opener of this big ol’ idols-and-stuff event, but somebody involved in that process screwed up, and the fans weren’t being let into the performance area until the very last minute, and the stage wasn’t ready, and …

Fortunately, this is Guso Drop we’re talking about; they just improvised:

Things did eventually work out, and parties were satisfied. Great that it worked out for everybody! Including Saki, who had a couple of appearances (ha) of her own at the same event:

One thought on “Guso Drop (and Fans) Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

  1. I can’t express my love for Guso Drop enough. Stuff like this is part of the reason why I think they are the best Idol group. Stage or no stage, they are going to perform and get the show done for their fans. Even half way around the world I can tell that they love what they do and care about the people who come to watch.

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