PassCode. On TV. Translated.

I saw PassCode’s appearance on Future Shock make the rounds a little bit, but I am nothing if not one to redundantly share things on the off chance that you didn’t see it originally.

We’ve done Future Shock stuff before, like when Q’ulle was doing their Zepp tour early in the year, and when Screaming Sixties made an appearance. But PassCode might be the biggest of our flavor of idols to appear, at least in the time of this site’s existence, so it’s kind of a big deal!


It’s also a big deal when Phillter decides to translate another PassCode segment for us.

Yes, our Man in Japan got some free time to sit with this video and turn it into English.

Yuna: Passcode started as coming from idols, but we would like to make a “Passcode” genre.
Nao: Yeah, I wanna make that.
Yuna: (To Nao) That’s the best answer, yeah?
Nao and Hina: That was cool.
(Hina in the hallway, leaving the dressing room)
Hina: Going to the convenience store!
Nao: We only have an hour left, so we gotta eat.

Truly fascinating people.

Yuna: Like, no one taught me how to do this. I just learned by doing it during performances.
Hina: Man…I want a throat like that…
Yuna: Well I can give you one.
Hina: Please!

Well then. Go read the whole thing.

Phillter’s actually an even bigger jerk than Garry, and not just because he lives in Japan — dude’s actually going to be catching two of the MISS UNLIMITED tour stops, including the finale. Now would be a good time to start kissing his butt, is what I’m saying. Maybe we’ll get a report!

5 thoughts on “PassCode. On TV. Translated.

  1. I feel like i have heard lots of groups say they want to “make their own genre” or something similar.
    Is it BABYMETALs influence? They were the first ones i can rembember saying it.

    I hope Yuna managed to intuit herself proper screaming technique, would be a shame if she would have to get throat surgery down the line…

    Also what song is that at 21:40?

    • I do think it’s BM’s influence; one thing I’d love to know but obviously will never get to investigate myself is just how much various of these other groups identify with a particular line of influence, BiS vs. Babymetal vs. Somebody Else vs. None, and who inspires their presentation.

      Fortunately, other than NEVE SLIDE DOWN, PassCode does get to stake a claim to being pretty unique, at least for now.

      I went hunting for which song. I know it, and I’m like 99% sure it’s from All Is Vanity, and I thought it might be XYZ the way the break ends, but I don’t think so. It isn’t Club Kids or Toxic or Asterisk, unless I’m missing something.

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