Your Homicidols Weekender #213

Good morning! This is typically a really neat spot in the idol calendar, with lots of live in Santa attire and usually the last few releases before the new year … and this year there are like no lives (obviously) and what seems like fewer releases, even (does make some sense!). I hadn’t really noticed until I was going through material for this Weekender and realizing that I should have a lot more of two things. So it goes!

We’re now inside of a week until Maniac’s favorite few days of the year that aren’t Halloween, so you know I’m excited. I also spent the past week clearing my work deck as much as I possibly could, which if you’ve done it you know is just about the most cathartic thing ever. So here I am, warm despite sub-freezing temperatures outside, cat next to me, future Mrs. Maniac sleeping off the cauldron of Gluhwein we drank last night … and it feels good, man. Considering the two huge stress-related breakdowns that I dealt with in a single year’s time recently, it’s liberating.

Anyway, the point is, this is a great time of year, sort of regardless of your personal religious or cultural context, because everybody likes hegemonic observances of peace and light and love even if how they got to particular areas of the world are basically the complete opposite of those things! I hope you have a great time these last two weeks of 2020 — we’ll be publishing the Best Of winners early next week, then getting out the staff picks at some point in the not-too-distant future, and then we’ll see about a Year in Review in Review. It seems like a weird one.

You’re One to Talk

Note that it is the official policy of Homicidols Dot Com to call idols what they want to be called:

Truly excellent ZOC live video, which we just don’t get enough of:

And to stick with a theme, Zsasz:

Prepare yourself for the next vintage BiS moment from GO TO THE BEDS:

So like was STARMARIE on hiatus or something, given the themes herein?

Kamikaze Sensation dance clip!

Don’t let this be the last amiinA you ever see and hear:

I happily share this not because I’m interested in completing an RT challenge that by now has surely been completed, but because I’ll cry out loud if lo-fi idols become a thing:

Nice new NaNoMoRaL for you:

I won’t try to guess if these wonderful ATARASHI GAKKO! weirdos actually will be the best bet for an international audience, but at least we can appreciate that they’re literally one of a kind:

BURST GIRL is going to be down Miyako, which is super sad and I hope our resident gigantic BURST GIRL fan does a proper in memoriam:

We’re also losing a RAY:

And a meme tokyo.:


Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is AIBECK, who are … actually, I don’t quite follow what the hell is going on. Maybe you can figure it out:

Nonetheless “AIBECK live” used to be such a staple in this post that I could’ve just had an AIBECK Corner!

Better in Focus

You guys remember that idol project from last year, the one that wouldn’t truly debut until they had 10,000 followers on Twitter? Well, Hatena Lab did it! I have no idea if they’re ultimately worth the follow, but this is pretty neat:

Three hours of Yanakoto Sotto Mute:

I have very good feelings about the Kashin no Ichigeki album:

For my fellow CODE OF ZERO fans:

I don’t want to have to wait for the Sugarpills announcement!

I wish I could make a whole-ass post out this latest from KAMEN JOSHI but it’s honestly basically every other Alice Project post I’ve done in the past three years, so:

This is to answer the question, What kind of idol unit would you get if you tried to make Erisu but happy … no no, even happier than STARMARIE:

Broken By The Scream wishes you a merry Christmas:

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “Your Homicidols Weekender #213

  1. The comments the members put out regarding Miyako’s departure are pretty interesting. Seems like she got fired for joining another group without getting approval from everyone else and Rinchama especially seemed pretty hurt and upset by it because her and Miyako are really close. But she did tweet a video of pictures of the two of them together set to Guso Drop and Burst Girl music so hopefully things can be mended even if Miyako’s out of the group.

    Also for what it’s worth 88rising actually just launched a station on SiriusXM a few weeks ago and I’ve heard Atarashii Gakko! on there a few times already so they’re certainly going to get a good, serious push by a label that will actually support them. And if nothing else hearing an indie idol group that’s not Babymetal on American radio is pretty cool and hopefully a good step towards more of these groups getting the exposure they deserve. If the Leaders are able to do well it could definitely open a lot of doors for more groups and be one of the bigger idol stories of 2021.

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