Weekend Livestream Spotlight: MANACLE, Satanic Punish, ZOMBIE POWDER and BiSH + EMPiRE

One of the very nicest things about chika idol livestreams (apart from them being the only way the vast majority of us can see any idol lives at all these days) is that, despite the name, you don’t actually have to watch the majority of them live.  Most of them come with a nice archive feature so, if you don’t feel like staying up until 3am, you can watch them the next day. It also comes in handy when, like this weekend, two stellar shows are being broadcast at the same time.  Case in point:

ZOMBIE POWDER is joining Dan te Lion, Chu Kiss RIP and (standout 2020 debut unit) Canary for volume 50 of the  Diffusion Φ Brightness livestream series.

But fifteen minutes after that livestream starts broadcasting, Tribu pre. SUN will be kicking off with an A-list line-up featuring MANACLE, RILISREVERSE and Shihatsu Machi Underground.

Thanks to archiving, you don’t have to make the painful decision of which to attend. Buy tickets to both and watch whenever!

Of course, there is always a spoil sport.

BiSH and EMPiRE are both livestreaming their performances at SANMAR SONIC 2020 via Nico Nico this weekend HOWEVER: the stream has no archive and requires the purchase of a ticket even if you are already paying for a premium subscription to Nico Nico.

Basically you get to pay more and receive less. Who came up with this idea and is his name Watanabe?

To close things out, Satanic Punish are performing in one of the more interesting livestreams of the weekend. They will be appearing with Aphrodite and a number of units we rarely get an opportunity to see including yumegiwa last girlDeadly Emomomomo 7, Wan’apo and a solo idol whose name machine translates as idiot problems persist until they die.

It sounds awesome.


Have a good weekend! And be sure to check The Calendar for details on these and other shows.