Let’s Discover Some Idols: MELiSSA

When Sari called me back to idol over the summer (true story!), I went on a little bit of a spree to find out about as much of what I’d missed as I could. And promptly did very little with it! Yeah, the return didn’t go quite as well as I’d have liked. But now here we are, the year is drawing to a close, and I’m doing my level best to Let’s Discover a bunch of idols in the waning moments of eligibility for Best Of, so as to not give anybody short shrift.

Except that in doing so I’m yet again going to Let’s Discover an act that’s been going for … what, like 18 months? Good lord. Well anyway. That group is MELiSSA (Twitter). Don’t ask me how or in which context I found them, I don’t know, I have literally 173 browser tabs open with idol things to record or write about or forget about. But it was definitely in July because I first drafted this post then! And they have lots of rock sounds! And … well, there’s no website, so there goes my usual means of learning anything meaningful. Let’s listen to some stuff!

They apparently have a theme song!

I happen to like this one best, sorry:

This was from their debut time:

They also released an MV a few months ago, around the time that their album dropped, but it’s boring and I’m calling editor’s prerogative here to not include it because this is a blog for idols that rock and so I have shared rock with you, not dang piano ballads while posing on mossy cliffs over the seaside. IT’S PRETTY BUT IT AIN’T IT.

Also, member Misaki can do the multi-talented thing:

So yeah, this is a fun group!