Weekend Livestream Spotlight: BURST GIRL, NECRONOMIDOL & Gynou Fest

Since we launched The Calendar, the weekly livestream post got discontinued, but I thought there were a few events worth bringing folks attention to now that these notices are no longer hitting the front page.  As always, all dates and times listed are Japan Standard Time (JST) unless noted (Convert to your time here).

Kick the weekend off with a free live on YouTube by funk-and-groove flavored Nagoya standouts, FAREWELL MY, L.u.v.

BURST GIRL Continue the “BURST BIG BANG” tour to promote their Story EP. This installment sees them teaming up with DAI DAI DAI, Story collaborators THE STARBEMS and others. Streaming tickets are ¥1,800 via ZAIKO.


NECRONOMIDOL have announced their intention to livestream their two Sunday evening, “Apocalypse of summer vacation” shows, but have yet to release details. Watch their Twitter account for more info.

And don’t forget the weekly installment of Risano (lyrical school) and Tsukarin (Yanakoto Sotto Mute) streaming in English on Instagram Live. They are nice enough to stream first thing in the morning on Mondays so we Westerners can watch at a decent hour on Sunday.


But the biggest show of the weekend is happening on Monday which is a national holiday in Japan. Gyu Agricultural Festival Summer SP2020 will be livestreamed on Nico Nico Live including performances by CY8ER, Malcolm Mask McLaren, NILKLY, RAYMELON BATAKE a gogo, ZOMBIE POWDER, DESURABBITS, FES☆TIVE, MIGMA SHELTER, amiinA, chuLa, Devil ANTHEM., raymay, CrossNoesis, GUGU LuLu and more.

To see the whole thing, you will need a subscription to Nico Nico premium.

For the full listing of weekend livestreams including Lilli Kaona, sora tob sakana, MIGMA SHELTER, TORICAGO and more, be sure to check out The Calendar.

Have a good weekend, and Happy Mountain Day!