The Future of the Idol World is in YOUR Hands. Again.

Just like WACK’s Audition Camps have a redemption challenge, so does the online version! Everyone that didn’t make the top 50 has a chance at victory once again, which means we’re in for another week of idol adjacent antics.

Of course, WACK just need to so much as breathe and they’ll generate buzz around the globe be it positive or negative. A lot of people are jumping at the chance to try and chase their dreams again and a lot of other people are upset that this audition doesn’t feel like a real audition.

“This is just turning into a popularity contest” is a common sentiment among people, but well… sorry to burst your bubble, but it always has been! From the very start before mass voting, the outline stated “success is based on the number of followers, likes and retweets”. Popularity has always been a factor here, so if that isn’t your game you can always stop paying attention.

Popularity doesn’t always pay off either – while some Audition Camp girls like Hinata Undead (Monster Idol) and Bisuko (Impossible Maika) shot to the top 10, other girls from the same camp didn’t make top 50. Pour one out for Aino Re Start and Jiggy, who we promise are actually called that.

But hey, we here at Homicidols don’t like to focus on negatives unless we’re writing about graduations. 50 more boys and girls, once again with at least 10 men guaranteed, have a chance to appeal to the public to become WACK’s next idol superstar. Contestants get one Tweet to post whatever they want to appeal to voters and after said Tweet, no more Twitter until the next challenge. Which again, includes your non-audition account. If you truly want to become an idol you wouldn’t want the reason for your failure to be “not following simple instructions”, right?

Whatever you can do best, do it to get people to support your idol dreams. Anything you want.

Without further ado, here’s our officially sanctioned Homicidols list of people in the redemption vote challenge who we think you should vote for. Some people haven’t posted their promo videos yet but we’ve provided a sample of their talent for you to taste just like an idol sommelier~


Why we like her: Like we said before, Jiyuu has proven time and time again to be exceptionally talented, pretty and kind. Hailing from Taiwan, she can speak English, Mandarin and Japanese. Surely somebody in a global idol competition should have a global array of skills?  She also went to some of the locations that GANG PARADE’s Lai Le video was shot at in Taipei! A WACK fan through and through, so let’s help her become an idol.


Why we like her: Seven is a sweet girl with an earnest passion for WACK. She can sing, dance, make you laugh and she’s incredibly polite and well spoken too. She only just missed the mark last time so let’s bring her all the way to the top in round ten!


Why we like him: Đorđe is currently a Japanese studies student at university in Serbia, his up and coming language skills are no joke. He’s quirky and charming with a distinctive, unique art style. So maybe that distinctive uniqueness will transfer over to idol activities too? There’s only one way to find out.


Why we like him: He’s handsome and funny. Forreal, this guy is hilarious. Watanabe retweeted his Challenchin video for the tissue skit challenge and talent clearly recognises talent. He only just missed the mark last time so let’s help him get to where he belongs.


Why we like her: If you’re a fan of idols outside of Japan and idol cover groups you’ll definitely recognise her already – this girl is talented with a capital T. Also part of the fun of being an idol fan is getting to geek out over your favourite member posting selfies and if you look at her outfits, fans now and in the future will definitely be spoilt with cute content.


Why we like him: Well for one his name is “The Boy”. But also this boy can DANCE. That boy has some professional choreography going on. The goal is to create a mixed gender idol group at the end of this and The Boy has The Moves – maybe the lead dancer could be a boy? That boy specifically.


Why we like her: She has such a cute speaking voice and an even cuter singing voice! Also the production value on that video is alarmingly good. Once you’ve heard her rendition of CURTAiN CALL by BiS you wont want to go back to the original.


Why we like her: The outfit coordination is just too good! She’s gorgeous and has the potential to be a good singer which is a pretty good foundation for a good idol, don’t you think?


Why we like her: The caption is right, we did enjoy her taste in home decor. Miss Jazzuchi already had her sights set on Japan before Corona and WACKchin, so nothing is going to stop her from getting there. An experienced cosplayer and dancer, let’s help give her the push she needs to get to where she needs to be.

#10 KiRi-KiNGDOM

Why we like him: This guy is just too handsome but not only that he’s trying his absolute best in this audition. His skit for STUPiD by BiS instead of forming a human pyramid was chugging a bunch of Yakult which is honestly impressive in a kind of scary way.

So there you have it! Another quickfire guide to some of the highlights from the hottest audition on earth. Congratulations to everyone who passed last time and good luck to everyone doing their best this time!

WACKchin’s goal is to create a mixed gender idol group with a large amount of members who will begin activities at the end of Covid-19’s reign of terror – a truly digital contest for a digital world.