We Never See Enough of Zekkyou Live

I really, truly, genuinely always regret that I’m never able to do enough for Screaming Sixties ’round these parts. They work so hard and so much, like literally professionally idoling (or maybe they have weird day jobs, I don’t know), and they have a great thing going for them, but they release so little and almost never put out more than tiny little snips of video.

Here’s a nice big chunk from their show with I love you Orchestra the other day!

Ironically, I wonder if it wasn’t that video of theirs featuring MAINA that got them here — yeah, they’re working with Ilyo and I think still with 6% Is Mine, and a quick look at their Twitter followers will tell you that they’re probably just right in that spot between the top of the chika heap and more widespread notoriety, but are they weirdly Shunkashuto-cursed or something? Well, this wouldn’t be the first time that I wink-nudge-said HEY ZEKKYOU MAKE WITH AN ALBUM SO I CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO BUY IT.

Go Zekkyou.

2 thoughts on “We Never See Enough of Zekkyou Live

  1. There’s a couple more clips of that show on twitter:



    JapanCorner/Idol2.0 were there as well filming, so hopefully they got and will release the whole thing.

    This show was Zekkyou’s 3rd Anniversary one-man live. The live was 2 hours long (and buppan 3 hours!) and they performed every song they’ve ever done. They opened with a video roll listing all 733 lives they’ve done to date then did some big songs near the start (Only Place, Sannen Days). The set with I Love You Orchestra came later on and was basically like a different gig cuz their music is so different (their collab CD is great btw, highly recommend). Then Zekkyou performed on their own for a while at the end – basically doing all their old hits they didn’t perform near the start (Dai Sanji, Ponyo, Totoro etc – holding out the Ponyo squats till when everyone was knackered at the end of the live was pretty evil). The encore ended with Utsusemi no Hana if I remember correctly.

    And yes, they are still with 6% is mine, in a few days time they are doing a live which is Zekkyou Suru60do vs 6% is Mine vs Zekkyou Suru60do with 6% is Mine.

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