Queen of the Scene, Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of Queen of the Scene! Day 1 was full of surprises — Su-metal is currently in last place with negative points, and that might not even be the biggest shocker of them all. Yes, arguably the greatest of them all, Pour Lui, fell in embarrassing–

“nerve” hits!

“Hold on just a minute, Homicidol Maniac.” Pour Lui, with Pan Luna Leafy at her side, stomps toward the ring! “If you think for one minute that I’m going to just sit back and let this injustice slide, you’ve got another thing coming!”

Pour Lui, seriously, we all saw you and Pan Luna get eliminated fair and–

“EXCUSE ME! What transpired in the ring yesterday was clear collusion, and I demand a rematch!”

I’m not giving you a rematch, Pour Lui. But if you really want back into the competition, I have a way.

Well, with that annoyance cleared up, let’s take stock.

(Updated) Current Standings

  • Yurapiko: 40 pts
  • Hanako-san: 40 pts
  • Ano: 30 pts
  • Kakizaki Risaki: 30 pts
  • Sari: 30 pts
  • Beni: 20 pts
  • Wakapiku: 20 pts
  • Ten Tenko: 10 pts
  • Aina the End: 10 pts
  • Ayuni D: 10 pts
  • Imada Yuna: 10 pts
  • Su-metal: 0 pts

Eliminated Like Losers

  • Rinahamu
  • Pour Lui
  • Pan Luna Leafy
  • Momose Momo
  • KOTO

Now, tomorrow, there’s going to be a swerve. A big, annoying swerve. Some of our competitors will really appreciate it! Others, not so much. But, like I said, this isn’t a fair fight at all. But before we get there, let’s just focus on today.

Ano, Risaki, Sari, Beni. You were the big winners yesterday. Good for you. This will be less good! I’m putting you into a mixed tag team match against each other, and I’m awarding a whopping 20 points to the winners. The losers get nothing.

As for the rest of you, let’s stick with this mixed-tag format and see what happens, except I’ll do the points a little differently: Everybody starts with 10, and we’ll make it a double-elimination tournament on a 15-vote time limit; every time you win, you get 10 more points. Dumb? You bet.

The only exception is you, Aina the End! While I won’t go as far as to allege any actual chicanery toward the BiS team during yesterday’s action, I did notice that you seemed to be a little … well, overly eager. You made the challenge for this event, so put your money where your mouth is:

This does leave us with an odd number for the tag matches, so we’ll make one team Idol Demolition.

The early results are in! Ten points each for #HanakoSmile and Ayunko-D-R; Yunapiku-metal and Hello MoTO, you are officially facing elimination!

That was really fast! Ten more points for #HanakoSmile, and 10 total for Ayunko-D-R and Yunapiku-metal. Hello MoTO, you are officially eliminated from the entire competition, but I need you to finish at least one more match!

What an anti-climactic finish! Ayunko-D-R must’ve been caught napping on the whole possible-rematch-with-#HanakoSmile thing and got small-packaged by the already-eliminated Hello MoTO … I have no choice but to not only also drop them for their two losses, but I’m going to strip them of their earlier points win, too. What a mess; #HanakoSmile picks up 30 points for three clean wins, though, and Yunapiku-metal gets 10!

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