The New Screaming Sixties Single Is Fantastic

Gotta love the workrate of idols. We just talked about this a couple of days ago:

It’s not a driving power anthem like “Only Place We Can Cry,” but it’s a very smart song. Fans aren’t going to dislike it, but it’s very accessible — other than the almost Venom-esque intro and outro, its nearest analogue to me is PassCode’s “Axis,” which is kind of amazing but I’ll take it (nice guitar solo, too!). Good move, Screaming Sixties.

And is that girl in the video Maina from Osaka Shunkashuto? Seriously.

10 thoughts on “The New Screaming Sixties Single Is Fantastic

  1. A. This is a great song, and like you said, a sign of a maturing sound while not straying too far from what makes the band what it is. Good parallel there.
    B. You know, that just might be her…Same eyes and same face…

  2. Wow… what a great song – glad i’ve got it on pre-order from CD Japan 🙂
    Is it better than Only place….., i dunno but it’s bloody good
    Let’s hope for a whole album soon

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