Fashion Fortnight Flash #2

How have two weeks passed by already? I have been extremely busy reading, writing stuff (or attempting to, anyway), and going to film festival but that won’t stop me from bringing back your favourite the only fashion column of this website.

Pikarin this month:

Also the looks in this feature are to die for. Pikarin really looks great in anything.

Also note the design in Kurebayashi Haruka’s hair, because you probably won’t see them again (as she bleaches and redye her entire hair once a month or so). Despite undercut for women seemingly just getting trendy in Japan for the past year or so, Kurebayashi Haruka has been a friend of the clipper for years. She isn’t an important figure of Harajuku street fashion for the past years for nothing.

Pikarin is unavoidable when it comes to Japanese alternative fashion. She was the covergirl for the second edition of Jabberwocky, accompanied with Yura (whose fashion sense is always fantastic). They are both wearing h.Naoto, which is one of the resident brand of Gothic and Lolita fashion in Japan. (Anchor: Although most of them have been closing, but this is matter for another article.)

Jabberwocky blessed us with what is probably the best shoot of Pikarin ever (I mean, GLASSES). It’s here and elaborates on the cover shoot.


Other idols than Pikarin are also involved in fashion modeling (shocking, I know!). I know Shirai is an idol but I have no idea what she even does. Would someone please enlighten me in the comments?

Maniac: Man, I feel like knowing Shirai is like an alt shibboleth. Maybe I need to rethink this whole bit …

We need to talk about Momoka Kinoshita. Although she’S part of NMB48 (which is as mainstream as it gets), her style is anything but traditionally idol. She just announced her graduation, so watch out for her. We might get interesting projects from her.

Ichigo from Strawberry Painkiller was spotted in the street.

Maniac: Oh, we’re talking Ichigo now? Carry on.

Here are Risa and Risa & Sakurano Usa

My favourite picks of the month in term of street snaps:
This girl is into Fuchikawachiai from Maneki Team, I believe in shoutouts:

Jabberwocky SNAP P136-137

People who tell you you can’t mix patterns can go to hell. But not hang out with Pikarin, that wouldn’t be fair.

Kera had events in Sapporo and Nagoya, which makes me happy, as cities beyond Tokyo and Osaka are barely ever presented in streetsnaps.

Thank you for reading this far! During the past week, I saw Tokyo Idols (Tokyo Girls is a short, 60 minute version of it) and I quite enjoyed it. The director was present at the screening and held a Q&A. She allowed me to post my notes online, so expect this in the coming week (hopefully). This weekend, I will be holding two panels at Otakuthon, Montréal’s local convention — “Alt-idols: Welcome to the Dark Side,” Friday at 8 PM and “Race & Otherness in anime,” Sunday at 2 PM. There is also a fashion show going on Friday at 5 PM, and a couple of panels about lolita fashion. If you are attending, drop by and say hi, I’ll try not to run away.

Have a great week & a bonus Fukasawa Midori~


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