We Have 24 Hours to Enjoy the ‘MOONLiGHT’ with NATASHA

Presuming that you haven’t heard Natasha’s new material yet … well, would you like to? This one’s on limited 24-hour release and no, I’m not going to be dumb enough to imply that I’ll be the one to preserve it for posterity because it’s going to be awhile before I’m back in front of my own computer again!

Anyway, “MOONLiGHT”:

Not quite what you were expecting, huh? I’ll admit that I see titles like that and immediately hope for something along the lines of Tiger Army or (yeah, fine, okay) AFI, but a big ol’ power ballad is pretty okay, too! I actually think it lines up pretty well with the bombast of “VOLCANO”, and I think that whoever was titling the songs should get a hearty shake of the hand for managing to feel either zero or all of the irony while placing such precise titles on the two tracks.

Next up for NATASHA? @JAM this weekend!

One thought on “We Have 24 Hours to Enjoy the ‘MOONLiGHT’ with NATASHA

  1. Since I missed out on Volcano by not checking my email in time, I ended up making sure to record whatever was done next by them and so I recorded Moonlight. However, its not a good HQ recording since the only way I could really do it was by recording it with the voice memos app while the music was playing loudly. It should still be playable (You’ll just need to turn your volume up). I’ll upload it to soundcloud at some point when I’m able to.

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