969 Has Graced Us with a New Live Video Cut; You’d Better Appreciate

If you’d be so kind, you folks who mostly graze around the idol edges and don’t venture very far from your personal favorites, give this video a quick spin:

If you weren’t familiar with 969 before, that can be forgiven, as the group only reconstituted about five months ago after a decent period of hiatus, with new members and even a little update to their sound. They’re a touch heavier now, I think, and a little less idol, and … well, I think they’re great and the whole reason that I want you to really pay attention to this isn’t just just because I think they’re great, but because they suffer from perpetual underappreciation when the more casual fan, the people who are already tied to oshis and whatnot, and that’s extremely unfortunate because, as I’ve said before, if I were to put together an idol project, it would be just like this.

Here are some lyrics if you’d like to see them:

969’s the idol hill I’d die on. Because they’re a band project, they have a lot of advantages that other groups never manage to muster, like natural cohesion between music and members, or a sense that everybody involved is invested emotionally — and this is idol that we’re talking about, where emotional currency has a value that’s the approximate inverse of bitcoin.

But while there’s a lot of really high-quality music in idol, there are only a handful of projects where it feels completely earned by the group, and 969’s been basically my favorite of that lot ever since I first heard the prior iteration last year. They’re so right; even if the execution isn’t completely there, I’ll take it for what it is, and I’ll hold up songs just like “TONIGHT” as proof that idols can front a band and just have it be a pretty good rock song.

3 thoughts on “969 Has Graced Us with a New Live Video Cut; You’d Better Appreciate

  1. Ok stop it! I can’t have another favourite band of the week, this is crazy! This may be the drug that gets me through my Guso Drop withdrawal in October, four 969’s in the morning and the depression fades away…

  2. I’m still mad at 969 for disbanding. This almost makes me forgive them.


    I remember how you hurt me last time 969! You got a ways to go before I trust you again. But if you keep delivering tracks like this, we’ll be just fine.

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