We Have 24 Hours to Enjoy the ‘MOONLiGHT’ with NATASHA

Presuming that you haven’t heard Natasha’s new material yet … well, would you like to? This one’s on limited 24-hour release and no, I’m not going to be dumb enough to imply that I’ll be the one to preserve it for posterity because it’s going to be awhile before I’m back in front of my own computer again!

Anyway, “MOONLiGHT”:

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Hurry up and Get in on NATASHA’s ‘VOLCANO’

In case you missed it live over the weekend or just really want to hear the latest from the Avex idols’ supergroup, they added it to Soundcloud just now … for 24 hours. I’ll have to back it up later. In the meantime, enjoy:

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NATASHA Is Coming Back. Help.

Yes, friends, loud/altdol supergroup NATASHA will be coming back for this year’s Tokyo Idol Festival, and with a fresh single to boot:

Also minus Rinne (whose new MV I’d share, but it’s region-blocked), which is fine; she was mostly color even last year. The remaining four are a great collection of big idol voices and, well, Chitti, who sort of abandoned her wheelhouse for “Justice in the Sky” to get a little more sultry, ultimately being somewhat overshadowed by a lot of bellowing by her groupmates.

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Or, rather, will live!

TY Caleb!

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It Only Takes Two to Bellow

Remember how NATASHA came and went and it was kind of up in the air whether the super group would continue past @JAMxNatalie EXPO? For at least two of the members, wonder no more!

This is cool: Osaka Shunkashuto and predia are holding a joint show on Saturday, and part of the program will be a two-person NATASHA appearance. “Justice in the sky” indeed. Continue reading

Buckle up and Have Your First Listen to NATASHA

It turns out that our homicidol super group is pretty friggin’ super after all. Warning: Heads may be banged.

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