Hugs and Kisses … to the Extreme

All right, I can feed myself again and feel like there’s very little to talk about, so let’s head to the ol’ queue for something that might be interesting.

Hello, what’s this?

That’s xoxo EXTREME (Twitter), who bill themselves as prog-rock idols, which I am disinclined to disagree with in any way.

This is a wacky-ass show:

More contemporary, with all four members:

From UTIF:

Not just because of the flute, but also the flute, this one reminds me of Jethro Tull

If I’m reading the history of the company’s online shop correctly (yes, that’s a way to do it), xoxo EXTREME originates either from the conglomeration of two separate groups, Sugary Hug (come on) and Disaster Kiss (COME ON), or it’s just part of the family with them, whatever, it doesn’t really matter. Meru, who I take to be the leader, also does some solo work.

I mean, is it extreme hugs and kisses? Extreme affection? Like, hugs and kisses by Mountain Dew-swilling skateboarders and rock climbers? Are these the idols for the villainous douchebags in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle ? Or more like hugs and kisses until you’re dead. I have so many questions.

2 thoughts on “Hugs and Kisses … to the Extreme

  1. I never thought I would see a Jethro Tull name drop on an idol site.
    And yes, I hear it, too. Some of that “Thick as a Brick” / “A Passion Play” vibe.
    The world is full of wonders.

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