Living Dead I Dolls Will Rise Again

Ah, the heady days of mid-late 2016, when every new idol whatever was ripe for exaggerated excitement, a world of possibilities. Look, somewhat loud stuff! Also idols! Nothing could be better!

We have learned better since then. Though there are always exceptions, and we are incredibly easy marks for whatever poorly shined bauble is dangled in front of our ever-shortening attention spans, it takes more than just showing up to take the majority of fans from acknowledgement to acceptance to love.

But back in 2016, like a shout in the dark did Living Dead I Dolls enter the world. They were a short step up the quality ladder from most of the metal-oriented idol acts, and the members did solid work, and things went pretty well for about a year. Then poof! Like so many fleeting things in idol, fleeted and frittered away.

And then late last night:

The account had been completely inactive for six months following the what turned out to be a hiatus, and ex-members had even moved on to other (incredibly interesting) projects. For all anybody knew, LDID was simply dead, no longer living. Dual Eye Records apparently had other plans, as these auditions and (nice) demo suggest not just a reboot, but a fairly aggressive one.

I’d do that! They had a year to learn a lot of lessons, so why not apply them?