Checkmate Is Now KING RAGE, Brutal(er)

If you recall, lovely people, that we are in a weird era of idol resurrection, you may recall that Checkmate, which had all but dissolved into non-existence over a period of months, was teasing a comeback of some sort or another during the last few weeks. On Monday, they issued the big reveal:

KING RAGE! What a name! That’s right up there with St. Anger in my book, and everybody knows that nothing related to St. Anger could ever possibly go wrong. Continue reading

‘Tis Apparently the Season for Idol Resurrections

You guys, it’s Golden Week. I love Golden Week — so much happens! I also hate Golden Week for the same reason. Would you believe that I originally wanted to publish this almost a full week ago? Madness. And yet, here we are.

Idol projects, like superheroes, are never guaranteed to stay dead, no matter how gruesome their demise. I bet that if a snap of the fingers wiped half of all idol from existence, a good chunk of them would still find a way to return even without the intervention of some cosmic power; it’s just the way that idol works.

That being said, I currently know of at least three idol projects that are on their way back to life. Continue reading

What the Flippin’ Heck, Checkmate?

And in news of another nice loud idol project that’s dropping members, I know that some of you guys saw earlier this week that RINA was out of Checkmate:

I was leaving it as a Weekender item until Philippe brought it up and prompted me to look at their official Twitter to see if anything else was cooking, and they at the very least provide a taste of what the group now sounds like as a trio:

And, hey look, November!

I like when idols are irrepressible.

Ahead of Their One-man, Checkmate Debuted a New Song

There was actually even more nice-and-loudol music to bump into this week, and it’s even new in this case! Checkmate, who are cool as hell and really need to get a bump somehow, tweeted out this clip the other day, and I got really excited … and then kind of forgot about it for a minute because Daichi, but, here you go! Debuted live over the weekend, “KSGK”:

I love when songs are titled with initials; it could mean anything!

That’s not quite as furiously loud and gnarly and hate-filled as you can often get with Checkmate, but it’s still pretty on point in an idol-meets-punk kind of way. I’d have liked maybe one growl here or there, but you take what you’re given sometimes.

Checkmate’s first one-man is Friday. May the gods help us all.

Wake the Hell up to Some Checkmate

Good morning! Are you in the mood for something loud? I bet you are. I am; yesterday, with the whole your-website-doesn’t-work-Maniac thing, that was truly and genuinely obnoxious. I’m working on it! But, in the meantime, I like Terry’s suggestion (even though he tweeted this a couple of days ago):

Raise your hand if you disagree with Terry that Checkmate is awesome.


Seeing none, I’m going to assume then that all are in agreement that Checkmate is awesome, and this is a good atonement for the terrible website performance that was yesterday. Enjoy your Tuesday!

Checkmate Will Take This Brutality to Their First One-man

Happy Thursday Hurtsday, you guys! For what it’s worth, by some twisted accident of time and space, there’s a lot of hurt this Hurtsday, and I couldn’t be happier. Punish me, senpai!

The first item that I’d like to draw your attention to is Checkmate. It’s been a minute since we last caught up with them, but they’ve been busy, and clearly eating broken glass and stuff, because they sound positively livid about their first one-man, coming up in August:


Continue reading

Checkmate’s Newest Is Just Stupid Heavy

Holy moley, you guys, if you haven’t had a chance to hear the latest (live!) number from Checkmate, you need to take a few minutes right now and —

Sakes. Continue reading

Who Had Any Idea That Chess Could Get So Brutal?

I mean, there are “brutal moves” in chess, but those are more you-idiot-now-I-can-destroy-you-in-two-moves kinds of things than you-son-of-a-bitch-eat-steel acts of frustration.

But anyway! Autumn has completely descended on Maniac Mansion, so rather than spend yesterday drinking budget beers and watching football and then cooking a seasonally appropriate three-course meal because that’s how we roll around these parts, I raked and blowed and digged and swore in front of the neighbor’s kids. Delightful! And I was glad that I added some brand-new idols to the playlist to distract myself from the six-inch cut I opened on my arm while being irresponsible with a box cutter:

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