Help Us All, BURST GIRL Made It Fun as Hell

I’m not sure that the world is ready for what it’s about to see (or still recovering from seeing) in BURST GIRL’s new, first MV. Things are … well. The ex-Guso Drop crew definitely made something noteworthy:

This is a list of things that I loved about it:

One thought on “Help Us All, BURST GIRL Made It Fun as Hell

  1. I’d love it if there were big things down the road for Burst Girl because I’ve been into them since they’re debut. I like that they could’ve just gone “okay, Guso Drop minus two people” but instead went with the old school punk thing. Rei even semi-regularly wears a The Stalin shirt during performances.

    Their singing is iffy, their choreography is basic and sloppy but it totally works with what they’re going for. I’d be disappointed if it was all clean and smooth.

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