So Mistress Ain’t Dead, Huh?

Well hell’s bells, friends. What is dead, truly, may never die, at least not as long as idol is a thing. Mistress, hot off of disbanding, is back — in a sense! Yes, the members are all gone, and the group had its farewell live, but “the mistress” lives and has a real-deal MV to prove it:

It’s clearly time to update that ranking of PassCode songs!

There’s obviously not a whole lot to go on from here, except that the debut is on the 11th and there are members:

Same management team, clearly (which I thought was members, but /shrug). This has been in the works for a while, judging by the completeness of materials in the debut so far, like four songs ready to showcase:

And they’re apparently doubling down on the digital idolcore thing. Not the worst decision that could be made, but I’m going to miss the sheer ribald chaos of last year’s monstrosity.