Damn It All, We’re Losing Babyraids

This is the worst news:

To those who reached out: You are bad friends and I demand that you retract the existence of this.

Babyraids JAPAN didn’t get all the coverage here, but it wasn’t for lack of interest — because they never released anything bad, and certainly never released anything that wasn’t a joy to behold, if I saw that they released a thing, I wanted to have that thing and then share that thing — but for want of a regular release schedule. Among all the idol denizens who did some spin on rock music, Babyraids is — is — probably the most popular, period, and maybe their career arc is worth looking at to understand the lifecycle of a an idol thing that does break into the relative big time.

Let us mourn Babyraids at the appropriate time, and celebrate them now. They’ll be at TIF, because of course they will, because TIF was made for them; we can also sit back and appreciate that it is physically — nay, spiritually — impossible to be better suited to summertime than Babyraids at their absolute peak:

And 2016’s “Ride On IDOROCK” is pretty much a nightmare of elements being perfectly mashed together for the hell of it:

A little bit of light and life and joy is being taken from us, friends. Pour one out.