No Shoes Were Gazed Upon During The Making Of This New Dots Song

About the only predictable thing about Dots is that well, they’re not predictable. In the past few weeks, a furious flurry of activities has suddenly sprung from the enigmatic collective of non-corporeal idols, including the announcement that two of the chans are about to move to new planes of existence. Things are happening again in the Dots universe, and they’re happening rapidly.

Late last month, Maniac shared his thoughts on a new Dots song that was posted online. I also really love the song a lot, like a whole lot. It’s an absolutely wondrous  burst of the kind of shoegaze purity that gives me life. That song belongs alongside Ride, Lush and of course MBV’s best songs, all archived within the Shoegaze Hall of Fame cause it’s just that good.

But hold on, now there’s a new Dots transmission that just dropped! This new song arrived quietly in the form of an “Image Video”. Fresh off the radiant energy of the previous preview tune, I was of course all aboard for another rush of swirly guitars and wispy vocals, but this is Dots, and you don’t get to make a call on what to expect so easily: 

Whoa, what’s happening  here?!? There are clearly no shoes being gazed at in this song!!!  Those beats, the modification of the vocals, combined with the modulating patterns in the video… Might I even dare say it reminds me of Perfume? Is it what I was expecting from the dot-chans? No. But do I like it? Holy Moses, yes I do. I think it’s utterly fantastic and the more I listen, the more I’m in love with it.

I’d take an entire album of this to go right on the shelf next to their most shoegazyest recordings. This is how you grow as a group and prove you’re an artist that travels beyond a one-note curiosity in a chapter on musical styles. This is branching out and pulling it off. Once again, Dots prove they’ve got the fire, but choose to wield it in non-conventional ways that quietly pay off big. 

And don’t forget, still basking in the Summer of Dots moment is “Tokyo Sentimental”, their collaboration single with the delightful idol group tipToe.. (I pre-ordered the CD, but haven’t received it yet, and I’m trying to not let the anticipation overtake me. It’s also on OTOTOY so there’s a digital option for those in need of more instant gratification.) 

Meanwhile, the equally mysterious mind behind Dots has announced that auditions are coming for a new idol project! The details are scant, but the call for applicants makes mention that this will also be a group (or possibly solo act) driven by delving into experimental territory to bring us idol entertainment from a road less traveled. Let’s look forward to seeing what this brings forth:

If all this keep up, we just might have to revisit World Dotmination! But that’s okay with me, because, I for one, welcome our new dot-chan overlords.