Man, Yajima Mai Is Awesome

Another track from BLOODTHIRSTY, for “Incest Taboo” (what) turned into a lyric video. Be still my bleeding heart:

Good get, Mr. Major

Now, in fairness, the question has come up before: Idol or not idol? The fans of hers that I was chatting with a little while ago certainly didn’t object to my use of the nomenclature, and they’d know as well as anybody, but is this a case like SIN ISOMER, where you have a VK-like frontwoman operating as a soloist who connects with bands to back her? I don’t know! But the fact that Maimi does these cool video things with fans, maybe that’s pretty idol.

Those are fans turned to slave, I think; very idol, and very metal

Anyway, for me, the point is moot, because Mai is great and I love listening to her music and really wish that she could get more of a boost among Western fans.