This New One from Diamondollfy Absolutely Rips

Happy Monday morning, everybody! Thanks to everybody who’s been adding their voice to the Best of 2017 cut-down. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of work to get down to just the tippy-top best … and then we complicate it by allowing anything that makes it in by the end of November to qualify. It’s like re-undoing your own work!

Speaking of late entrants, perhaps you’ll be moved by this latest piece from Diamondollfy, who only continue to improve:

It’s even called “Irony Dystopia”! Amazing

No joke, I really love where Blue Forest is taking their acts anymore; yes, I say it every time. But here’s the thing — much like how nobody ever wanted to bat an eye at REGiNA KiSS, I feel a really similar lack of love for what Diamondollfy et al are doing (basically, what STARMARIE should be doing). This injustice must end! Watch their videos! Buy their CDs! Be amazed at the sudden growth in maturity and intensity of idols who used to only kinda-sorta used to flirt with slightly heavier sounds and are now digging out stuff that … I dunno, Saxon? wouldn’t have been afraid to play.