So Apparently Yajima Mai Grants Wishes

The other day, in a playful mood, I did this:

Some people did it, too! Those are people who understand that Yajima Mai, who is incredibly cool and epic, is incredibly cool and epic, and that we should all want full-length MVs from her.

Well, it only took a few days for her to release a teaser:

Anybody else see the title and immediately thing of Fear Factory?

I think this albums gonna be pretty good. And if history holds, there’ll be a full-length version of this MV along before too awfully long, and maybe even another piece to join it!

Look, you guys, when somebody on Twitter says “RT if you want X to do Y,” and you’re down with that thing, you should do it, because it’s just like clapping your hands to save Tinkerbell.

This goddess has a message for you: