Yuzuki’s Band Turn Continues to Be Very Loud

In the ongoing saga of Q’ulle’s Yuzuki having probably the most impressive overall up-stepping solo project in contemporary idol (YUZUKINGDOM!), the erstwhile dancer-turned-singer-turned-this continues her BLOOD STAIN CHILD collaboration with a new single that isn’t quite as throat-rippingly nasty as the first track, but isn’t exactly letting you off easy, either:

Somebody explain what “Roskill Lavender” means, please

I like Good Yuzuki vs. Evil Yuzuki, myself.

You can do all of the listen-and-acquire stuff here:

That first full album now has a release date and a name:

Now go ahead and raise your hand if you ever saw this coming in the first place, so that I can call you a liar in public.