This Is Underground: Let Ishido Natsumi Rock Your Sunday

You guys, I’ve been sitting on this one for a while because I was pretty on the fence about whether now or a little down the road was the more appropriate time to share, but I’m game if you are.

Meet Ishido Natsumi. She’s an independent solo idol.

Just stop around 9:50. The performance does!

Well that’s pretty enjoyable, though. Certainly moreso than some other things we’ve stumbled upon recently. How’s she doing?

Well, doing well enough to release a mini-album.* But this is how underground she is: This is her website. She does have an Ameblo blog, but, like. And Twitter.

I think Natsumi’s cool, though. She’s clearly been working the hell out of this for a while: Everything around this PV suggests that she was full-on indie at one point:

Here are more of her videos from that era. Two whole years ago.

Or this live performance from a Thai cultural fair(?):

Like, we aren’t breaking new ground here, but Natsumi is pretty much what this site’s all about. She’s got some rock, she’s got some metal, and she likes to get on stage and sing those songs and she kind of looks like she might spit on somebody at some point. Musically, it’s all fine, and maybe you’ll be motivated to go buy that EP and then start spamming the crap out of the comments with endorsements.

*Everything about that Atonement cover art reminds me of the band that’d play the closing dance at a Christian summer camp, except I don’t think that cover art’s going to be getting two or possibly even three girls pregnant tonight and then blaming it on the Spirit.