I Made You Guys a Present: Introducing the Homicidol Forums

Don’t make me regret this!

Just having observed some of the very long and very insistent discussions that happen in unexpected places, including fans sharing new material, I thought maybe it was about time for this element of the site that I’d always intended to stand up at some point, just maybe not yet. There’s also a little something coming up soon that I think this is the perfect venue for.

But anyway! These forums are organized around the main styles explored on the site, plus the Alice Project (because), with death pop folded in with metal because there just isn’t that much death pop. This is your place to share new stuff, recommend things, chat about news, beg or provide translation help or whatever else seems appropriate.

Before you go in, please familiarize yourself with the rules. I added a new one, too: No file sharing; I’m not equipped to deal with that, and I don’t feel like wading into that particular legal morass. I trust that you all can behave like respectful, responsible adults, yes?

Now have fun.

15 thoughts on “I Made You Guys a Present: Introducing the Homicidol Forums

  1. As you can see we are logged in per usual method, in order to start a thread, what do we need to do to proceed? We aren’t Word Pressers, is that the key to logging in to the forum?

      • The simplest, I guess, would be “who’s your favourite idol?”. But I was thinking more of stuff about going to shows, and discussions about idol culture in general.

      • One free for all page would be cool.
        EXAMPLE: Do idols know going into the audition what style they are to preform? Seeing that some pass auditions but then don’t like the direction that it may go, and step down.
        EXAMPLE 2: How important in this genre , and in this age of “free music” is it, to be on a major label, with some monetary support, but at the same time having “overseers” who become more interested in the bottom line.
        General all encompassing topics like that might spark some conversation.

  2. FYI, I added kind of a hybrid of what Jul and Tara both suggested, and ultimately didn’t add something that I’m going to hold off on for now. Please, though, if you have ideas, share away.

  3. Maniacal One,need “Edit” tab for forum posts, 2 of my links aren’t highlighted. Would like to try loading them again. Seems as if there was an edit tab prior, but may have gone amongst the missing?

    • There’s actually a goofy setting to have the edit capabilities on individual posts expire after a few minutes. Let me look at it real quick.

      Okay, I don’t know if that’s going to apply retroactively for you, but it should help going forward. If you need to, just reply to yourself.

  4. In like Flint buddy. You da man. The only other question is , why do the videos themselves show sometimes instead of just the link? One of the prior posts shows the video and one of the links we just corrected also showed the video, we then re-edited to only show the link(preferred).

    • I’ll look at what you’re posting. The way it’s supposed to work, just pasting in a URL will render as the embedded video, but it’s possible that other things are afoot.

  5. If that’s how it’s supposed to work, then it’s working fine. We prefer not to have the videos appear as we try to provide a bit of textual context beforehand, we simply placed a period before the link to prevent it from embedding. All is good.

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